Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Fame at last!

The beautiful painting pictured below is by the world famous artist type person called Jackie Morris - or as we know her - strange woman who lives in the hills!

The painting was created by Jackie for the musicians benevolent fund's christmas card.

But why fame? I hear you ask - well look carefully at the horses in the painting - yes they are coloured, hairy horses - our coloured hairy horses!!!

I am sure my coloured darlings feel as honoured as I do that she chose to portray them in such a great painting!

Clever lady! Dodgy wellies though!!


Callie said...

Just surfin' around. Found your blog. Love the Vanners.

Poppy Black said...

Oh my goodness! The ginger cats led me to you and I am delighted. I want to visit right now, but I live in New Zealand (whew, you say). How amazing having all of those gorgeous horses. They are so beautiful. I will be back to visit soon. I want to hug a horse right now, but Monty the cat will have to do.

SiLa said...

I can say like "poppy black"; "The ginger cats led me to you and I am delighted."
Beautiful horses and farm :)
I like painting from Jackie...

Terra Hangen said...

Beautiful horses, wow, you have so many. What a life that must be. I don't need to ride horses; I enjoy their beauty and grace.
I was visiting the gingers when I saw the link to you.
Terra in California