Wednesday, 25 July 2007

The gathering.

Yesterday was the day of our big horse move!
All was planned to the finest of details.
Volunteers called and favours called in, resulted in a posse of 15 souls to move a herd of 65 horses from outlying fields, back along the road to the horsefarm ( about 1 mile) - a scary prospect indeed!
The pics above are of the gathering of the herd.
Everyone was is place long the route, including the road closures- it was approaching 8pm (zero hour) - I called up Jack the stallion and like a good lad he came trotting over with his girls and babies.
Head collar and lead on Jack - we were ready to go!
At this point I'm not sure who was more nervous, me or the horses.
Coming soon - The move!

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Griffin said...

If the painter Rosa Bonheur had been a photographer, she would have taken just this kind of picture. Wonderful and dramatic... but mostly wonderful!