Saturday, 14 July 2007

A sunny day - Hoorah!

Having been washed clean by almost 24hrs of rain, what should we do?
Oh yes, go play in the pond!

Result = Dirty + smelly horses!

A nice quiet day on the farm today. The ground is soft after all that rain so a good time to get some fencing done, mostly repairing damage done by stallions scratching their bottoms on posts.
Back into the house this afternoon. My children (19 + 22) arriving for a 5 day visit tonight so better get those curtains done and i really should get beds sorted for them I suppose!

We had a strange elvin like creature visit the farm to stroke horses this morning, she said she lives up in the hills with a mad cat woman who "makes me call her mother"!! Poor child!


The Ginger Darlings said...

That looks just like our Hannah. Hope she's not bringing one of those big, smelly, dirty things home with her! We'd never fit one of those in the house.

horse farmer said...

"big, smelly, dirty things"?
I hope that's the horses you are talking about Pixie!!!