Wednesday, 25 July 2007

The move!

Everyone ready? Now follow Jack and keep calm.

Ok, lets go Jack! Come on girls, don't leave any babies behind.

Give way? can horses read that?

Ok girls and boys, head towards the cathedral!

Wait for me!

A big thank you to all our horse wranglers - smile folks - it went perfectly!

Competition time - Any guesses as to whom the "goddess", mentioned earlier in the blog, might be in this pic?

1st prize = Free horse manure for a year.

2nd prize = Free horse manure for 2 years.

Note# Anyone who lives with more than 4 cats is excluded from the competition on the grounds of sanity!!!!


The Ginger Darlings said...

Our guess is the one with the sun glasses fourth from the right.
There are only three cats here so we should be ok to enter. And the woman who lives with us is oh so very not mad! Just a little strange at times.

Leslie said...

What a grand group of wranglers. Thanks to everyone for helping!
Love the baby horse bringing up the rear.

The Ginger Darlings said...

Thanks for the link Steve. Will give you a star role on ginger cats site soon. Will come walk with you one evening and check on the horses.
Maybe even find your tail!

Leslie said...

I hope it's not too impolite to pester, but where have you gotten off to? I want MORE! I'm sure you have your hands full, what with a million horses to tend to... :)