Sunday, 15 July 2007

Never let a cat do mechanics!

If you look very carefully at the above pic, you will see ginger bits in amongst the engine parts!
The ginger bits are our farm cat Steve, having decided to hide from the dogs, he had somehow managed to climb into the engine compartment of the camper van I was servicing.
The van belongs to an absolute goddess whom I was trying to impress with my mechanical skills, but more about her soon!
After much calling and rattling of cat meat tins Steve finally crept back out.
Even more drama at horsefarm today when stallion Mcoy managed to open the gate and stroll, with his herd of 54 mares and foals, up the lane to have a tete-a tete with another stallion called Mini Me.
Having heard a lot of horse shouting going on, I rushed up the lane to find Mini Me with his front legs over his gate, trying to eat Mcoy. After lots of shouting from me, Mcoy finally strolled off back down the lane to his own patch, muttering under his breath something about "it's my farm, I'm the king of vanners, why do they need him"!
Over the next few days I will introduce a few of the stallions and mares on the blog so that you can see who I am rambling on about.


Leslie said...

I can't think of much that is more furious than stallions being territorial. I only saw two 'go at it' once, and some relatively meek seeming horses turned into clashing Titans before my eyes. So much for a quiet day at the farm!
Thanks for the blog. I see you are even being visited by elvish folk...

Karen said...

I love your blog! Once I lived in a wild space where horses roamed I live in a crowded city where the only horses are topped with policemen. For the few minutes I read your blog I can smell the sweet sweet hay.. thankyou!

The Ginger Darlings said...

Hope Steve was a help in the engine.
We wonder, does Ffion know about this amazing princess with a camper van?