Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Where to begin?

Now there is a question!

Do I tell about the latest foal or the latest escapee?
Or about "Heavy head", seen in the above pic working hard with me in the field?

No, I think I will set the scene and tell a little about the farm.

Our home is about 500 yrs old, consists of 190+ acres and is home to some 200+ Gypsy Vanner Horses. Every age and size from newborn foals to big hairy stallions.

This blog will be mostly about the characters of the herds and our co-existance, sometimes funny, sometimes sad. A "warts and all" account of life at the horsefarm.


The Ginger Darlings said...

Hello horse man. Looking a bit lazy there. We've heard of horse hair sofas but this is really a bit extreme.
We hear that you have a ginger cat at the farm. We think that he should be in every picture on your blog.
Love from the whiskered ones and their painting slave.

Leslie said...

The Ginger Darlings sent me your way. I fell in love with the pictures of the gypsy horses J. had on her blogs, and she told me about you starting your blog. I will come to look, and I will let my fellow artists know of you, too.
All my best. Leslie

Autumnhawk said...

Oh, I love your horses and I'm so happy to see your blogg. The Ginger Darlings sent me as well, because I told her I love the Gypsy Vans.

I'm in the US so a 500 year old farm is an intrigue to me in addition to the horses, and I'm anxious to see more pictures and hear more about living there!

Best wishes, Ricka